Don’t know where to start to find out about Syria? Here is one place to start.

This site is ever-changing, all constructive feedback is welcome. Hate mail will be publicly shared, as helpful illustrations of the typical incivility surrounding discussions of the topic.

I’m a PhD in English and a professor who teaches research in the Seattle area (in other words, I don’t get paid for anything having to do with Syria.) I lived in Syria in 2008 and 2009, and have been trying to critically follow developments since, including a month in the summer of 2016 meeting with diverse journalists and editors in the region. I have strong sympathies with the Revolution, but believe it is important to be honest and critical of the opposition’s shortcomings – especially sectarianism and abuse of civilians. I do not limit sources to only those I agree with, but I do clarify which ones I find untrustworthy – generally those directly funded by participating states, or journalists who are embedded in exchange for special “access” by these participating states.