Sources I Don’t Trust

To get a sense of the conversation, here are three vignettes worth careful reading.

1.  It seems fair to start with recent articles by Max Blumenthal, together with a collection of responses by Syrians and Palestinians.  Below are both his alternet publications as well as the compilation of responses:

max-1 max-2


Two more responses:

Blumenthal’s recent visit to Moscow hosted by RT:


2.  2013 Ghouta gas attack as “false flag” operation:  This story traces back to one Aug 29, 2013 article on Mint Press News. However, Dale Gavlak, the accomplished journalist whose name lent credibility to the story, issued a statement that she had not written the story, and that Mint Press News had repeatedly refused to take down either the story or the attribution. At the end of a long consideration of the story, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting issued the following judgement: “Without Gavlak’s byline, and with the allegations of unprofessional behavior on the part of Mint Press News, there’s little reason to take the Mint Press story seriously. We leave this post up for the historical record.”



3.  New York Times article on the state of the “CIA-backed Rebels” and a helpful response breaking down the use of that term, with tons of sources:

nyt-dont-trust game-changer


Finally, a partial list of sources I don’t trust (but read them and judge for yourself):

State-backed mouthpiece media from states directly involved in the conflict:

  • SANA – Syrian state media
  • RT (Russia Today) – Russian state media
  • Sputnik News – Funded by Russian government
  • Press TV – Iranian state media
  • VOA (Voice of America) – Funded by US government
  • Al-Jazeera – Funded by Qatar government

Other sources I don’t trust on Syria, generally because of their embedded perspectives, which have been skewed in gratitude for access by Syrian government forces, and/or reliance on an accumulation of disconnected evidence rather than coherent evidence-based argument. Many of these are so preoccupied with debates within the West that they do not reference actual events in Syria, or attempt to engage a single non-governmental Syrian source. Again, I urge you to hear their words, compare the evidence, and make up your own mind.