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The Syrian conflict is not actually so complicated. There are indeed innumerable factions and complex geopolitics playing into its ongoing developments, and there may not be one happy simple “solution” (has there ever been to any social conflict?) but the basic dynamics and social forces at play are pretty clear cut. Often “it’s complicated” is shorthand for “I don’t want to think about it.” Many of the involved parties also have interest in discouraging engagement, since anyone who actually pays attention to reliable sources – instead of, say, state news outlets by active parties in the conflict! – can see pretty quickly what the basic story is. This website hopes to be a resource for putting together a coherent understanding based on open, available, verifiable, coherent evidence drawn from Syrian voices, diverse international non-state news agencies, and independent human rights observers, without any need to guess at shadowy secrets that can never be proven. After all, conspiracies only work to discourage action by casting endless doubt. Critical thinking reminds us that we are actually alive in the world, and have a responsibility to come to conclusions, which then help us see new ways to act.

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    these overview articles

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The West loves IS propaganda. We should listen to Syria’s real journalists instead
by Lizzie Porter


Arab civilians suffer long struggle for self-determination.


              about Palestine & Syria:

How the Syrian Revolution has transformed me


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Requiem for Syria (lots of swearing)

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